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100% Bamboo Fitted Moses Basket Sheets

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  • Features
    • 100% Bamboo fabric
    •  Comes in its light cream natural bamboo colour
    • Naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic
    • Exceptionally soft and gentle
    • Price is for one PAIR of fitted sheets
    • Will fit sizes fit: 76 x 40 cm, 84 x 36 cm, 84 x 38 cm  89 x 38 cm  90 x 40 cm 84 x 43 cm
    • Bamboo is a very soft fabric ideal for your babies sensitive skin.

    • It is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial which is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
    • Bed bugs and dust mites can not live in bamboo,

    • Bamboo will also resist mould, yeast and fungus cultivation.

    • natural heat wicking properties it keeps your baby cool in summer and warm in winter

    • These sheets are 100% Bamboo 180 gsm cloth, the best quality available for a  fitted baby cot sheet. we have found adding  polyester will not give the same  properties as 100% Bamboo.

    • Environmentally friendly, fully sustainable resource that uses no fertilizers or pesticides to grow, and requires 80% less water than cotton.

    • It is also 100% biodegradable, fast growing, and produces more oxygen for the environment than trees.

    • Before you ask?   This fabric is PANDA SAFE, it is not made from the type of bamboo that pandas eat.