Crib Mattresses 89 x 38 cm

All our 89 x 38 cm crib mattresses are supportive, have waterproof protection and washable breathable covers.

Choose from Bases

  • Ambassadoor 3 cm deep 28CMHR foam,
  • Surestart posture pocket 33CMHR high density foam5 cm deep
  • Platinum pocket springs encapsulated in 50 CMHR foam 5 cm deep
  • Natural coir and lambswool 5 cm deep

Choose From Covers

  • Microfibre Quilted
  • Coolmax and Maxispace
  • Natural Outlux

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Listed below are a choice of 89 x 38 cm NightyNite® quality crib mattresses 

The 89 x 38 cm crib mattress is one of our most popular sizes

We make this mattress in a choice of 4 different bases and a choice of 3 different covers


All our 89 x 38 crib mattresses have waterproof protection for the base and washable covers.

Ambassador 89 x 38 crib mattress bases are 3 cm deep made of 28 CMHR foam covered in stockinette. We wrap the foam in stockinette because it reduces the amount static and allows the cover to be easily removed for washing

Surestart 89 x 38 crib mattress bases are made using 33 CMHR foam and are 5 cm deep.The Surestart pads have channels cut in them. These channels help the flow of air and give the foam as posture pocket feel

Platinum 89 x 38 crib mattress bases are 5 cm deep, made using pocket springs and 50 CMHR foam no other 90 x 40 crib mattress in the UK is as durable or supportive

Natural 89 x 38 crib mattress bases are made with coir and Lambswool 5 cm deep. This base has a double layer of lambswool on one side and a single layer of lambswool on the other to offer a choice of firmness

There is a choice of covers

Microfibre is a luxury quilted fabric. Microfibres have very high thread density. This means they have a much higher number of air chambers and tiny pores, allowing the skin to breathe and the body to regulate temperature more easily

Coolmax© & MaxiSpace is the perfect fabric for a crib mattress cover. Coolmax© Will wick away heat and the MaxiSpace will help it dissipate it. It affords maximum breath-ability and well as regulates body temperature

Outlux is a fabric we use for natural mattresses. Outlux is made using two layers of cotton and sandwiched in the middle is a layer of PU which gives the cover its waterproof protection

New baby - New mattress This term came about in the late 80's when there was theory that if the fire retardant chemicals used in the production of foam, came into contact with body fluids and combined with the warmth and moisture from a baby caused a toxic gas.This Stibine gas was said to affect the baby’s breathing and heart functions and perhaps a cause of cot death.

A lot of research went into this theory, there are hundreds of pages written about it, it was never proved, nor really disproved.

There was a concern that a used mattress which was unable to be washed and the foam unprotected from baby fluids would be left unwrapped where bacteria or mold could grow. Then the mattress would used again, also that the mattress was of such poor quality it did not offer any support having been used once.

However FSIDS now The Lullaby Trust suggested a whole hosts of safeguards and these greatly reduced cot deaths:- feet to foot, no smoking, back to sleep, etc and New baby- New Mattress

Move on 30 years and we now take a different look at the world. We are now becoming more aware of what we are doing to our planet, with waste, recycling and landfill etc, Does it make us question New baby - New mattress"?

Different components take different times to biodegrade; some foam can take thousands of years to decompose. Food for thought?

Consider buying a 89 x 38 crib basket mattress that is of a much better quality, where the core is protected and the covers are washable and breathable. A good quality crib mattress with the benefits of waterproof protection and machine washable covers that will not dip nor dent and can be used again, if it is looked after and hygiene standards maintained.

Natural 89 x 38 crib mattresses with the core made of coir and lambswool will obviously biodegrade a much faster than foam. Natural crib mattresses have virtually no petro-chemical components, If they are designed so hygiene standards can be maintained, i.e. no body fluids getting to the mattress core, machine washable covers, made to a good standard, they should last for several babies too.