Crib Mattresses

Crib Mattress Range

We manufacture a comprehensive range of top quality mattresses for swinging and static cribs,  Our mattresses come in  different depths and qualities of cores some with pocket springs all  with waterproof protection.

Washable covers offer extra breathability and temperature control. We also make a range of natural  crib mattresses

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Our range of  Crib Mattress Cores

1) Ambassador crib mattress core 3.5cm deep made with 28 CMHR foam

2) Safeguard crib mattress core 3.5cm deep made with 28 CMHR foam sealed in Pu Film ( total waterproof protection)

3) SureStart crib mattress core 5cm deep with air channels and 33 CMHR Foam (waterproof protection)

4) Pocket Sprung crib mattress core with 50 CMHR foam (waterproof protection)

5) Natural coir and lambswool core

Our Range of Crib Mattress  Covers

1) Ambassador luxury quilted microfibre crib mattress cover

2) Coolmax'© backed with 'Maxispace' crib mattress cover.

3) Natural Outlux cover (to go with Natural core core

All our crib mattresses are anti-allergenic and conform to British Standards BS7177 and BS1877. If you need more information, why not take a few minutes to read our baby mattress buying guide first and get the information you need to select the perfect mattress for your child?

Crib Mattress Guide

Crib mattresses will not be in use for very long say at the most 6 months.

Your baby will probably sleep in the crib for at least 12 hours per day and whilst they do not need the same durability as cot mattresses, it is important that crib mattresses can be kept clean, are comfortable and supportive and fully breathable with waterproof protection.

You can use a Crib mattress for baby number two or three providing you and keep the core free of body fluids and you have washable covers.

Lets look at the options available to you:-

Ambassador foam

A minimum is a CMHR28 foam pad which is 3 cm deep with a waterproof liner to protect the foam core . A cover to go over the liner that can removed completely for washing at 60°c, Covers are available in Coolmax© and Maxispace or Microfibre