The NaturalStart

The NaturalStart is a "foam free" cot mattress hand crafted in Worcestershire.

The mattress core is made with a natural coir base and then covering the coir with lambswool and then with Outlux

Many parents dislike foam, being a petroleum based product, made from chemicals and can need 24 - 48 hours to ventilate when new. and want a totally natural products but require waterproof protection as well.

More recently foam has come under attack from being one of the less environmentally friendly products taking hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade. Coir and lambswool biodegrade quickly. 

NB. In the last 5 years we have changed the design by offering a double layer of lambswool on one side and a single layer on the other. This has been as a response to feedback where some parents felt the mattress was too firm. When you receive this mattress the Outlux topper is fitted on the side with the double layer of lambswool it is easy to switch the cover should you want an ultra firm side.

The core is protected by our Easychange cotton base cover to maintain the natural specification and the Outlux toppers zip on to the base cover. two machine washable Outlux toppers are provided so you have one spare in case of those inevitable little accidents

Outlux toppers is a three layered fabric comprising of two layers of brushed cotton and sandwiched in the middle is a thin layer of PU. This layer of PU is less than 8% of the total fabric and it achieves two things. it ensures the fabric qualifies as a natural fabric and it protects the mattress against spillages.

It is important to note that should any customers wish to switch to the Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace design we are happy to do so at no extra cost just ring our helpline 01299 823223 to discuss

( Guaranteed 5 years against dipping and denting)