Pocket Sprung Cot and Cot Bed

Pocket Sprung Cot and Cot Bed

Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress Range - A Choice of Designs Covers and Sizes.

Pocket springs are the number one choice for adult mattresses and are fast becoming the choice for baby cot mattresses too. Pocket springs are individually wrapped, they look after the body's pressure points and provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.They will last longer than standard coil springs.

Choice of Mattress Core :-

Our pocket sprung  cot mattresses are made using either a 28CMHR, (our 'Reassurance' design), or 50CMHR foam core, (our 'Excellence' design). All quality mattresses from all the top UK retailers use 28CMHR. In line with our reputation of offerng the very best available, The Excellence is produced with the higher grade 50CMHR foam. This foam gives superb firm support, does not dip and significantly extends the life of your cot mattress. we have discussed the advantages of using 50CMHR foam in our Baby Mattress Buyng Guide

"Easychange" Or Classic Cot Mattress Cover :-

The "Easychange" has a removable protective waterproof fabric base cover fitted that covers the whole cot mattress. This base cover takes the zip-on/zip-off" "Easychange"" toppers, (you get two of these including one for the wash). choose either microfibre or Coolmax and Maxispace fabric

The Classic  cot mattress cover is also removable and machine washable and extra covers are available, choose either microfibre or Coolmax and Maxispace fabric. NB the Classic cover has fitted inderneath it a full waterproof cot mattress liner that can be wiped clean

Choice of Fabric :- 

Choose between Microfibre or Coolmax© with Maxispace. Both are luxurious  breathable and machine washable at 60°c. The Microfibre is quilted while the Coolmax© is backed with Maxispace -  The latter offers excellent temperature control, durability,  and incresed breatheability and added luxury. 

Safety :- 

All our cot and cot bed mattresses are anti-allergenic and conform to British Standards BS 7177 and BS 1877. If you need more information, why not take a few minutes to read our baby mattress buying guide?.