Foam Cot and Cot Bed

Sleepeezi range of cot mattresses

Sizes Start At 90 x 54 x 10 cm and Up To 140 x 70 x 10 cm

Cot Mattresses are listed in size order

Available a choice of covers Starter, Microfibre or Coolmax© and Maxispace

Also a choice of cover design

1) Easychange with interchangeable zip off toppers  available in microfibre or Coolmax© and Maxispace.

2) Classic covers in Safetex, microfibre or Coolmax© and Maxispace.

Things you need to know about foam mattresses Foam is a man-made petroleum based product and when brand new will have a chemical smell to it. The chemical smell of new foam happens because the foam has to release the gas of the chemicals used in its manufacture. The ventilation of the mattress is a process known as 'airing' or 'off-gassing'. Every petrochemical based foam product will need to 'off-gas' to get rid of the new smell. As cot mattress manufacturers we try and leave the foam as long as possible in the factory before cutting it to let it air and then afterwards when it is cut. However the foam arrives in massive blocks the size of a small room and the foam in the middle will take longer to air than the foam on the outside. If it is cut into small components and left for too long it has an opportunity to oxidize, (go yellow), or get contaminated. Manufacturers are reluctant to do this. If your mattress is cut from the outside of the block it is probably well aired. If the foam used is from the inside of the block it will need airing longer. When your mattress is made it is sealed immediately in plastic to keep it clean and hygienic.This will trap any air until you open the bag. You can mask the smell - use Fabreeze or talc, but it is not really worth doing. Just leave it to air for 24- 72 hours in a well ventilated room or outside in the garden on a dry day and the newness smell will go. You will notice reviews from customers for every cot mattress retailer that are similar to this:- “ When I opened my mattress it had a dreadful smell I would not put my baby in it” This is understandable - everybody wants the best, safest mattress for their baby and does not want to put them on a toxic product. However this smell is a characteristic a new foam mattress. Foam is probably one of the most widely used, safest man-made products you can buy Let it Air in a very well ventilated room or outdoors and all will be well. You may comment that you have bought furniture or cushions that have not smelt. Simple answer:- they have been sitting in the shops for weeks or months and will have times to air.Also they will not get the close inspection of a baby mattress I write this next paragraph with the greatest respect to all new mums and dad :- one can get paranoid about the smell and it is possible to always detect a hit of petroleum aroma if you unzip the cover and bury your nose in the foam! However as a test you should not be able to smell any toxic smell from 15- 20 cm away with the cover on.and and your baby should sleep on their back in a well ventilated room with good air circulation. Foam also comes in dozes of different weights and qualities if you want to know more about foam follow this link