Excellence 50CMHR Pocket Sprung

"The Excellence" Cot  Mattress The best Support For Your Baby - 5 Year Guarantee

Foam as a product does not like heat weight and damp and that is exactly what a baby is!  Depending on the degree of these three factors, standard weight foam will dip or dent.  95% of companies use a standard weight foam classed as  24/130 or equvilant. 

In our NightyNite® sprung cot mattresses we use a more superior grade of foam 30/150 In "The Excellence" cot mattress we use the ultimate quality foam 50/215. ;Click here for a more detailed explanation

"The Excellence" will offer the best support for longer and coupled with the Easychange base and toppers there is no pocket sprung baby mattress in the UK that competes with it for all these competences :-safety, breathability, temperature control, hygiene, durability, waterproof protection and comfort.