ECO Fibre

Eco Fibre is being introduced into the manufacture and development of cot mattresses

Eco fibre offers the following advantages over foam:-

1 )Much Cheaper than a good quality foam

2 ) No petroleum Smell -Sometimes you may have to air a new foam mattress

3) Not as hot as a solid foam  mattress and slightly more breathable.

4) Good for the environment as it can be made from recycled plastic bottles

Eco fibre;-  The main disadvantages compared to foam :

1) Eco Fibre is not as durable as a good quality foam, good to use for occasional use, say at the grandparents, or for short term use perhaps first year.

2) It is not as supportive as a good quality foameven if the is fibre is supported by springs the fibre layer will still not be as durable or supportive as foam. Fibre and springs only work together in a cot mattress if the top layer is a good quality foam.