Nightynite Easychange Cot Mattress

The Benefits of the Easychange Cot Mattress


The topper is the best feature - you just zip it off when it gets soiled and then replace it with the spare topper - it just takes a minute. Unzip the topper from the base cover and zip on the spare clean one. Easy as that - job done!

The toppers zip on to a separate, waterproof cot mattress base cover. Being waterproof, the base cover fully protects the foam and sprung base, or the coir and lambswool base, depending on your choice of mattress.

Without an Easychange mattress you end up removing the whole cover, (and can't use it until it's been washed), if there's a night-time accident - you might also have to make do by putting a sheet on without the cover.


This is very important. The way the Easychange cot mattress is designed means that your baby sleeps on a very breathable cover with the waterproof protection underneath.

With the old system you had to buy an extra waterproof protector to put over the mattress; this created additional problems as most waterproof protectors are not fully breathable and can cause your baby to overheat. There are possibly only two totally breathable and fully waterproof protectors available on the market, at a cost of around £30 and you will of course need two of them! You do not need to buy anything extra if you have a Nightynite® Easychange® Cot Mattress.

Choice of Cot Mattress Bases:-

  • All Foam
  • Springs encapsulated in 33 CMHR Foam.
  • Pocket springs encapsulated in 33 CMHR foam
  • Pocket Springs encapsulated in 50 /215 CMHR foam and:-
  • Natural cot mattress bases made from coir and lambswool

Choice of Toppers

There are are two main choices of toppers, 'Microfibre' or 'Coolmax with Maxispace'. The protective waterproof cot mattress base covers are the same for both the Microfibre and the Coolmax®. We have a different system for natural mattresses.