117 x 54 cm

NightyNite® cot mattresses are hand crafted in Worcestershire all have waterproof protection and washable breathable covers and comply with British Standards.

Cot Mattresses Covers ;- Easychange Microfibre, Easychange Coolmax and Maxispace or Outlux.

Cot Mattress Bases;- Sleepeezi Foam, Surestart Sprung, Reassurance pocket sprung, Dependable pocket sprung, coir and Lambswool or NaturalStart coir and Lambswool.

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117 x 54 size cot, was sold over 50 years ago, then it was known as a size 46 x 21 and sold through to the 1990's. This size of cot was very popular and several UK companies made this size. These practical cots are now being used again by the next generation for all the right sentimental reasons and they require a quality mattress. Back in the 1980's when the cots were made, the mattress size had to leave no more than an inch gap all the way round. That was 5 cm. As we started to get laws from the EU they could not cope with an inch gap or 2.50 cm all the way round did not compute! The gap between the mattress and the cot was reduced to 4 cm IE 2 cm each side! or 4 cm if the cot mattress was pushed up to one corner that did seem logical Then in 2017 the EU parliament passed a law to say the gap has to be reduced to 3 cm 1.5 cm on each side for safety reasons. Cot mattresses are not made from steel but soft fabrics and foam and not possible to achieve measurements in millimeters. For instance coir will grow by a few percent. some covers have bindings, when you fit a cover on to a foam mattress it may change the dimensions by a few millimeters. To conform with the current British standards your mattress must not leave more than a 3 cm gap if pushed to one side. The 46 x 21 mattress came out at 116.84 cm x 53.34 cm So mattress manufacturers agreed on 117 x 54 We make several options in this 117 x 54 cot mattress size:- foam, pocket sprung or natural and we even make a mattress with springs lambswool and no foam and with a choice of covers. microfibre or Coolmax® and Maxispace