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Waterproof and Breathable Cot Mattresses

It is vital that your cot mattress is waterproof, washable and breathable. If  a cot mattress does not offer you these basic conditions then it is not even worth looking at its other features such as comfort, safety, durability, price, etc 

The best way to to protect your cot mattress is to seal the mattress with a easy wipe clean cover. This rule applies whether the base unit  is natural or foam and springs.

On top of the waterproof protective base cover fits a washable breathable topper that holds a significant amount of air and offers temperature control.  A godsend is to have a spare topper so you can easy change it for a clean one, especially for those untimely nighttime accidents.

Avoid putting a waterproof protector over the cot mattress cover.  If you do that you prevent full breathability and negate the temperature control features of the Coolmax and Maxispace.

Here are the best waterproof and breathable cot mattresses;- both foam and pocket springs and foam free lambswool and coir. 

The Nightynite Easychange Range,  Easier for you - Best for baby



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