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Excellence Toddler Mattress

 Excellence Toddler Cot Mattress. Choice of Easychange or Classic, They  Have No Rival Currently In The UK. 

 Highly durable supportive toddler mattress, 50 CMHR foam (50 /215) highest grade foam used in a cot mattress to encapsulate quality pocket springs.

This high density foam supported by a top quality pocket sprung unit, offers the best in safety, comfort, support durability. breathability, easy maintenance.

 Easychange has Zip-on Safetex waterproof protective easy wipe clean base cover protects the mattress core and supports the toppers. A godsend for those night-time accidents .

There is a choice off toppers either quilted microfibre or Coolmax© and MaxiSpace cover 

The Excellence Classic has waterproof protection and a Coolmax© and MaxiSpace cover 

This is a seriously tough well engineered superior mattress, guaranteed 5 years against dipping and denting, We have tested this with a 10 year old sleeping on it or over a year.

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Sale price £159.99 Regular price £189.99 September Specials
Sale price £119.99 Regular price £189.99 September Specials