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The Eco Fibre Cot Mattress

The Eco Fibre Cot Mattress

The Easychange Eco fibre Mattress is Foam Free and hand crafted in Worcestershire

The mattress core is made by encapsulating pocket springs in fibre and then covering the coir with lambswool

Many parents dislike foam, being a petroleum based product, made from chemicals and can need 24 - 48 hours to ventilate when new. 

More recently foam has come under attack from being one of the less environmentally friendly products, The Fibre has been made from recycled plastic bottles.

This fibre is of a special high density, and works well with pocket springs, this fibre is not so hot as foam, unlike foam it does not not have a petro-chemical new smell. It is also more breathable.

The core is protected by our Easychange waterproof base cover. and the toppers zip on to the base cover. With the offer you have two machine washable toppers. One spare in case of those inevitable accidents

There is a choice off toppers either quilted microfibre or Coolmax and Maxi space 

( Guaranteed 5 years against dipping and denting)