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Easychange® Cot Mattress HD Eco Fibre, Lambswool - Pocket Springs, Two Microfibre Toppers - 6 Sizes

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Nightynite®  Easychange® Foam Free Eco Cot Mattress With Two Microfibre Toppers

We developed this cot mattress as a response to the growing concern over the planets resources, We have used fibre made from recycled plastic bottles plus lambswool for extra comfort. 


  • "Foam Free: pocket springs encapsulated in high density fibre and topped with lambswool.

  • Luxury Easychange® microfibre toppers.

  • Separate waterproof Easychange®  cot mattress base cover protecting the lambswool and fibre

  • The microfibre toppers are easily zipped to the base cover.


  • High density fibre is a new development that can compete with the durability of foam.

  • The advantages of H.D. fibre is that it does not have the petro-chemical smell of foam, it is cooler and more breathable than foam.

  • We have topped the foam with lambswool to give the mattress a lovely comfortable feel. Lambswool is warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • This mattress has the Easychange® system; A  Safetex waterproof cot mattress base cover and a quilted microfibre topper that zips on to it. Just zip off the soiled topper and zip one the clean one.  

  • Pocket springs work individually to give a more comfortable posture controlled sleep as your baby gets heavier, they also last longer than mini-bonnell springs.

  • The NightyNite® toppers are made from microfibre, microfibre is a well known fabric used widely in the cot mattress industry.

  • Microfibre toppers are machine washable at 60°C, (the temperature required to kill dust mites)

  • All of our cot mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of The Lullaby Trust.

  • The Nightynite® Easychange® - Why buy any other cot mattress?