130 x 70 cm NightyNite® Dependable Cot Mattress, Coir & Lambswool, Pocket Springs, Easychange®Microfibre Toppers

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130 x 70 NightyNite® Dependable Cot Mattress, Coir & Lambswool, Pocket Springs, Easychange® Microfibre Toppers

Introducing the NightyNite® Dependable Cot Mattress, measuring 130 x 70 This mattress is the epitome of safety, hygiene, comfort, breathability, and durability in the UK. Unlike any other mattress, it stands unrivaled in terms of features and benefits.


  • Firm, supportive, and comfortable with excellent durability
  • Waterproof and hygienic for added protection
  • Two Easychange® washable Coolmax© & Maxispace toppers make maintenance a breeze. Simply zip off the wet topper and zip on the dry one.
  • Crafted with pocket springs, coir, and lambswool frame, securely wrapped in stockinette.
  • The Safetex protective waterproof base cover is easy to wipe clean.
  • Handcrafted in Worcestershire with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee and is conveniently boxed for delivery.


  • The coir, made from natural coconut hair, offers exceptional strength and durability when compressed. It's a renewable resource.
  • High-quality 80g coir encases the pocket springs, providing optimal support.
  • A 2 cm deep layer of luxurious lambswool is placed on each side of the coir, secured by stockinette wrap. This combination ensures a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.
  • Lambswool keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The stockinette fabric simplifies the removal of the base cover for washing.
  • The separate Safetex base cover provides waterproof protection and can be easily wiped clean. The Coolmax© and Maxispace toppers conveniently zip onto the cot mattress base cover.
  • The Coolmax© and Maxi-Space toppers excel in regulating temperature, moisture control, and breathability. Coolmax© wicks away heat, while MaxiSpace disperses it.
  • All our cot mattresses conform to the New Standards EN 16890 and the recommendations of the Lullaby Trust.
  • Each Dependable takes two to three days to complete. Please allow us a few days to fulfill your order.
  • The Easychange® system, demonstrated in the accompanying video, functions seamlessly with both natural mattresses and those with foam and pocket springs.
  • The Dependable offers so much more than other cot mattresses. Why settle for anything less?

 For further information, please contact our helpline at 01299 823223.

  • Please see the video below to see how the  The Easychange keep your mattress hygenic and Safe,  NightyNite® - Best for you baby