140 x 70 cm Cot Bed Mattresses

140 x 70 Cot Bed Mattresses

We offer a huge selction of cot bed mattresses. Our nightynite® mattreses are very best available in the UK.
Safe, Comfortable, Firm and Supportive, Waterproof, Breathable, Durable, Hygienic. Washable and Guaranteed.


Cot Bed Mattress Information about Foam, Fibre or  Natural coir and wool

1) Foam and pocket springs cot bed mattreses

The choice of foam a manufacturer decides on to cover the pockets springs is dictated by either:-

-The minimum required to conform to British Standards

-The pressure of getting to a price point

-Put comfort, performance and durability as a priority.

Most quality pocket sprung cot bed mattresses use 6 cm deep springs covered by a top and bottom layer of only 2 cm deep foam. total depth 10cm that is a British Standard.

The 2 cm top layer of foam has to cope with the pressure of the weight of your baby from above and the pressure from the springs below.

Basic nursery foam does not like heat, weight and damp exactly what a baby is! All these things contribute to weakening the foam and making it dip or dent and giving poor support.

As a guide, most other UK cot manufacturers use a basic nursery foam with a rating of 22-28.
Nightynite© cot mattresses are made with a foam rating of 33 and 50, this is a massive upgrade. No other cot mattress company offers this quality which is why our cot mattresses give better support and last longer and guarranteed 5 years

Nightynite cot bed mattresses are unique, Two Easychange washable toppers and a superior quality foam with pockets springs offers more comform, firmness and  support and durability

2 Fibre Cot Bed Mattreses

Fibre is a recent addition to the cot bed mattress range

It is made from recycled plastic bottles and The third the price of foam it has some advantages of foam and some disadvantages these are;-
No petroleum smell no need to ventilate for a day, slightly more breathable.

Not as supportive or durable as foam it will dip and dent after a few months unless turned very often ,does not have the recovery or comfort of foam.

3)Natural CoIr and Wool Cot Bed Mattresses

These are availabe with a base of solid coir or pocket springs encapsulated in coir look for a good depth of wool either side (2cm)

They have no disadvantages other than the price which is higher because they are hand- made by craftsmen,

Cot Bed Mattress Covers
We offer our Easychange cover system on our higher grade foam and natural cot bed mattresses and our classic covers on the cheaper fibre cot bed mattreses

N.B. All our cot bed mattresses have waterproof protection. We would not sell a mattress unless we offered this feature.

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