The Cot Mattress Company

120 x 60 cm Natural Cot Mattress

Three designs in the natural range;- Dependable, NaturalStart and Supreme. 

These mattresses have choice of a single waterproof natural Outlux cover or two EasyChange® waterproof natural Outlux toppers.
The NaturalStart has an solid coir pad.
The Dependable has pocket springs encapsulated in coir
The Supreme has natural coir springs encapsulated in coir,

All our natural mattresses have a double layer of lambswool on one side and a single layer on the other side to offer a firm or med-firm side. 

There is an advantage in using microfibre or Coolmax©  Easychange® toppers over a natural coir and lambswool base to increase breathability and temperature control. 

We set out the advantages in the product descriptions below. 

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