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Cot Mattress For IKEA Cot Size 112 x 55 cm

A Choice Of 4 designs

Nightynite® Easychange the best quality mattress available for your special IKEA cot 112 x 55 cm

Comfortable, Supportive, Breathable, Waterproof, Durable, Hygienic. Safe.
Easychange® machine washable toppers that zip-on to a Safetex waterproof easy-wipe-clean base cover. You get a spare topper too (one for the wash)

So easy for you to keep your baby mattress hygienic and fresh.

IKEA sold a cot 1990'S which was a space-saver small cot and it took a 112 x 55 cot mattress.

IKEA sold thousands of these cots in the UK

These cots are now being used for the second and third time and they are lovely cots and deserve a lovely mattress

We know that IKEA only made a solid foam cot mattress to go this them but we can offer a selection of 4 mattresses to fit this cot

All our 112 x 55 cot mattresses have the Nightynite® Easychange® waterproof protective base cover and breathable toppers.

Each 112 x 55 cot mattress comes with two toppers. These top quality mattresses fit the IKEA cot perfectly and offer safety, comfort,support waterproof protection, hygiene, breathability,

Nightynite®- The best your baby can get
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