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The Cot Mattress Company
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A Little About Us

The team behind the Cot Mattress Company Ltd has over 30 years experience in the manufacturing, development, distribution and marketing of cot, crib, pram and Moses basket mattresses.

We were the first in the UK to sell baby mattresses on the internet in 1998 (not many people online in those days!). Hundreds of thousands of mattresses sold since then. Our range of cot mattresses has evolved over the years with the development of new materials, pocket springs, microfibre, coir, lambswool, bamboo, Coolmax© Maxispace etc. Our policy is the same now as it was in 1998. The best baby mattress with the best customer service.

We are passionate (probably fanatical) about safety and customer care. We were the first to ban PVC from cot mattresses when there was the first hint of PVC Phalates being carcinogenic, Obviously every cot and crib and Moses Basket we sell exceeds British Standards. We test our mattresses regularly.

We are mindful of all the scares that surround cot mattresses :- mattress wrapping, electromagnetic field (EMF), PDEs fire retardant chemicals. Toxic gases. We offer specially designed products that will combat these fears, whether they are unproven or not, see our guide to buying a mattress.

Testing new fabrics and components and experimenting with new designs is another fun part of the job. We have two new fabrics we are very excited about, "OUTLUX" and "FUTURA", they make significant improvements to natural and foam and sprung mattresses.

Pocket Springs now regarded as the best for adult mattresses, they are the future for baby mattresses too - more comfort, better support, longer lasting,

Our NightyNite® mattresses use30/150 foamthis is a huge step up in durability, support and comfort. virtually all of the high street stores and internet giants use 24/130 foam Our mattresses are much less like to dip or sink. Yes there is a cost increase of less than half a pence a day. Well worth the investment considering your baby will be using the mattress for more than 12 hours a day for a few years.

For the past 15 years we have also made a pocket sprung mattress called the "Nightynite® Excellence" this is made with50/230 foam, we guarantee it for 5 years against dipping or sinking. nobody in the UK comes close to producing a mattress of this superb quality..

We are delighted with our "Easychange®" range of cot mattresses, we have received more positive feedback about this range than anything else. Especially the Excellence Easychange range

Sometimes enthusiasm gets the better of us, we developed a full range of Platinum crib and Moses basket mattresses with pocket springs, Coolmax© &Maxispace and 50 CMHR foam. Probably the best crib and Moses basket mattress you can buy in the U.K.

First in the U.K. to develop a full range of 100% bamboo sheets for Cots, Cribs, Prams, and Moses baskets. 100% bamboo is soft and gorgeous and ideal for asthma and eczema sufferers as bugs cant live in it. Silky soft bamboo sheets over our mIcrofibre covers or MaxiSpace and Coolmax

Our NaturalStart range of Cot, Cot-bed, Crib and Moses Basket Mattresses are absolutely top quality and affordable...we have proved it is possible to make a better natural mattress and at a cheaper price too. Our new range of Easychange natural mattresses with interchangeable; zip off natural toppers

One of our latest products took us two years of painstaking development but we have achieved a unique natural cot mattress. Launched in Spring 2015 The Supreme Easychange, A natural pocket sprung cot mattress and no metal, the creme de la creme of natural cot mattresses. and our most expensive at £250

Memory foam OK for adults not for babies. We really have spent a lot of time looking at this as we keep getting asked for it. We are not convinced of its safety, too many unanswered questions, over heating, pooling, chemicals etc,

Our latest development as in December 2015 is the Easychange Supreme cot mattress for which we won a Bronze Award in the Mum and Baby best products of year 2016.

Going forward to 2018 the response and feedback to our Easychange range has been so outstanding we are going to phase out basic covers and switch totally to the Easychange®  design with quilted machine washable toppers that zip on a waterproof Safetex base cover.