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Natural Crib Mattresses

Natural Crib Mattresses with Coir and Lambswool Support and Outlux Natural Waterproof Cover

Our Natural crib mattresses are made of coir and lambswool and have two covers and available in 5 sizes:- 84 x 36cm, 84 x 38cm, 84 x 43cm , 89 x 38 cm, 90 x 40cm,

Our Nightynite® Natural crib mattresses feature the finest quality rubberised Cocolok© coir. with luxurious lambswool and a waterproof cotton cover:- 5cm deep gives luxurious support.

A choice of firm or medium firmness one side with a double lambswool layer and the other with a single layer of luxury lambswool.

The Outlux crib mattress cover is machine washable, breathable and waterproof, Outlux is made of 93% cotton with a tiny film of PU sandwiched between two brushed cotton layers to achieve its waterproof properties. and to protect the mattress core from body fluids.

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