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4 sizes Nightynite™ EasyChange Dependable Sprung Cot Mattress with Coir and Lambswool with Two COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space Toppers RRP £199.99 Our Price £159.99

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4 sizes Nightynite™ EasyChange Dependable Sprung Cot Mattress with Coir and Lambswool with Two COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space Toppers RRP £199.99 Our Price £159.99

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  • An outstanding feature of our NightyNite™"Easychange" design - You can zip off the soiled topper and zip on a clean one within minutes

  • Available in sizes, 130 x 70 120 x 60 140 x 70,126 x 63 x 10 cm,

  • Mini bonnel spring interior

  • Natural coconut coir support

  • Luxurious lambswool padding

  • Uses our unique Nightynite™ EasyChange cover design with two Zip-on/Zip-off covers, (including one for the wash)

  • COOLMAX® regulates the body temperature

  • Maxi-Space provides unlimited breathe ability

  • 10 cm thick, anti-allergenic

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The NightyNite® Dependable Pocket Sprung "Foam Free" Cot Mattress Coir and Lambswool, Waterproof Protection and two Easychange Coolmax and Maxi Space Toppers. in 4 sizes Mamas and Papas size 300


  • Foam Free
  • Hand made in Worcestershire
  • 200 individual pocket springs encapsulated within a coir case
  • A choice of comfort:- Double layer of lambswool one side for medium feel and single layer on other side for firm.
  • Stockinette wrap to protect the lambswool and enables easier removal of the microfibre cover for washing.
  • waterproof base cover to protect the mattress core (lambswool coir and springs)
  • Base cover has a perimeter zip that attaches to the Microfibre easychange toppers.
  • Two machine washable Coolmax and Maxispace toppers with full zip (one for the wash)


  • This mattress is foam free - Many parents dislike foam, mainly because in the 1990s foam received a considerable amount of bad press, as it is a petroleum based product , made from chemicals and can need 24 - 48 hours to ventilate when new, read more in our mattress buying guide
    Having said that foam still remains one the most widely used products in modern life and has an excellent safety record

  • To satisfy our customers needs we developed the Dependable range of mattresses the core  has a pocket spring interior surrounded by natural coconut coir & lambswool to provide a with excellent support and durability. but there is a considerable choice of covers for you to choose from

  • Coir :- coconut hair is natural and very strong and durable when compressed

  • lambswool offers a luxury feel and helps to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Waterproof protection in this mattress is a base cover which protects the mattress core, the easychange microfibre toppers zip on to the base cover

  • The core is surrounded by a stockinette fabric; it makes removing and replacing the cover so much easier for washing.

  • The Easy change Coolmax and Maxispace   are quilted and breathable, you get two toppers, " one for the wash". Helps you to keep your lovely Dependable cot mattress clean and fresh.

  • Coolmax is a man made fibre that offer temperature

  • All of our mattresses conform to British Standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of FSIDS

  • ;Sometimes there can be a few days delay with this item as it takes us longer to manufacture but we will let you know.

Additional Information

Cover Material COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space
Depth 10cm
Type Of Cover NightyNite® Easychange
Springs Mini Bonnel Springs
Foam No Foam

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publish reviews Review by 123Imran123
You probably won't publish this review. i phoned your company and spoke to somebody in your sales staff called Rodger there was nothing he did not know about mattresses. he even admitted he was a mattress nerd and designed them. I took up nearly 30 mins of his time over two calls i asked him why are there not a lot of reviews on this site and he said, they all seemed to be much of a muchness :- nice product, fast delivery, baby sleeps well etc etc So did not bother to approve them all. and when the website is updated all the previous reviews are dumped.
I have a web site company and I tried to tell him how important reviews are would have saved both of us time on the phone.. By the way the mattress ticks all my boxes no smelly foam, easy care washable covers and very strong and well made, well packed and fast delivery and i love the bamboo sheets you recommended . publish that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 02/08/2015)

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You're reviewing: 4 sizes Nightynite™ EasyChange Dependable Sprung Cot Mattress with Coir and Lambswool with Two COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space Toppers RRP £199.99 Our Price £159.99