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Safeguard Crib Mattresses

Nightynite® Safeguard Crib Mattresses and the Toxic Gas Theory

Our Nightynite® Safeguard foam crib mattresses were designed specifically to combat parents-to-be fears about an "unproven theory" that if urine gets onto the foam and it is left, after several months it might react adversely with the flame retardency chemicals in the foam. This was known as the toxic "gas theory" and created considerable panic in the late 80s / early 90s. However despite it being unproven it still creates a little concern today, but by sealing the foam in a PU liner it prevents this happening and alleviates any fears.

Safeguard Crib Mattress core :-

3cm deep CMHR28 weight foam sealed in PU.

Choice of crib mattress cover :- Luxury microfibre or Coolmax© & Maxispace. Both covers are luxurious, anti-allergenic and machine washable at 60°c, - a significant improvement on the basic polyester covers available on most mattresses in the market place. The microfibre is quilted and the Coolmax© is backed with Maxispace; the latter is a more expensive fabric, however it offers increased breathability, excellent temperature control and durability.

Safety :- All crib mattresses are made from CMHR28 or CMHR33 or weight foam as recommended by FSDS and conform to British Standards BS7177 and BS1877. If you need more Information to help you choose the perfect crib mattress for your baby why not take a few minutes to read our baby mattress buying guide especially the paragraph on mattress wrapping which is relevant to the toxic gas theory.