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Excellence 50CMHR Pocket Sprung

How to help prevent your Cot or Cot Bed Mattress from Dipping, Sinking or denting

Foam as a product does not like heat weight and damp, so the heavier and hotter your baby is and the damper your mattress gets the more your mattress will have a risk of denting. Don't worry here at the Cot Mattress Company we are aware of this and design mattresses where the core is protected from body fluids, the covers wick away excess heat and your cot mattress will be more durable and give excellent support

There are many different qualities of foam, in general the lighter, less dense and cheaper the foam the more it is likely to dip or dent and add poor waterproof protection and less breathable covers and this will add to the risk that your cot mattress will dent

Most quality baby mattresses are made using a minimum of 28CMHR (28CMHR kilo foam - this is a density measurement) and the thin foam layer which your baby lies on is supported by springs or pocket springs. Every major quality department store will supply this standard but rarely anything higher.

The springs will not dip or dent, they can take the weight, however the foam above possibly will! Subsequently increase the foam quality to 50CMHR (50 kilo foam) and you get a firmer more supportive mattress for your baby that will not dent or dip. and improve the waterproof protection and the breathability and you have more but a far superior product :- "The Excellence"

" The Excellence" we have been making them for 12 years now and received only superb feedback.