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Cot Bed and Cot Mattresses

Cot Bed and Cot Mattresses

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Babies sleep for at least 12 hours a day. Your cot mattress will be in use over 9000 hours and your cot bed mattress for up to 20,000 hours. We make superior quality baby mattresses that will cope with these demands. Our mattresses will last longer without dipping, be more comfortable, supportive, hygienic. breathable, washable and with waterproof protection.

Nightynite® - "Its the quality that makes us different"

Lets make finding your cot mattress easier:-

Choose your size:-

112 x 55,   117 x 54,  120 x 60,

126 x 63,  132 x70,   130 x 70,

131 x 75,  132 x 77,  140 x 70

Nightynite® - "Its the quality that makes us different"

Cover styles:

1) The " Easychange" Design :- Full waterproof protection and two interchangeable zip on zip off toppers (one for the wash).

Cover Fabrics

1)Quilted microfibre

2) Coolmax© backed with Maxispace. Both These fabrics are luxurious and machine washable at 60°c. Microfibre is a huge improvement on the standard polyester covers that are readily available elsewhere. Our special Coolmax backed with Maxispace is an expensive fabric, however well worth the extra as it offers such excellent temperature control, durability, maximum breathability and a snugly feel.

Choose your size in the Winter Sale

112 x 55,  117 x 54,   120 x 60,

126 x 63,  132 x70,   130 x 70,

131 x 75,132 x 77,140 x 70

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As a new parent the two most important items you have to come to a buying decision on is a car seat and a cot mattress. Sometimes these requirements are a balance between your pocket, your personal preferences and sifting through a minefield of information,

A newborn baby is going to sleep for an average of 16 hours a day up to the age of 2 and approximately 12 hours a day from age 3 to 5. Hence your cot mattress has to reassure you of the following:- correct sizing, safe, comfortable supportive, durable, breathable, temperature control, waterproof protection, hygienic and washable, You may also have some other desires i.e. that you want a natural mattress. extra covers etc.

So let's run though these so you have the assurance you are getting the feature and benefits that match your personal needs and requirements for a cot mattress

Correct Size

The latest EU recommendations are you should not have more than a 3 cm gap if you were to push the mattress up against one end or side.


All mattresses sold in the U.K. Will pass a British standard no company would risk the fallout if there mattresses did not comply with BS 7177 and BS1877 these Standards apply to the fireproof ratings and the quality of components used. However the standard is a minimum requirement and mattresses that just past this test are the basic cot mattresses. As you will see there are products available that offer much more.

Supportive and Durable

Cot and cot mattresses with foam or springs or foam and pocket springs vary considerably in the support they give and how long they last. Virtually every cot and cot bed mattress supplied by all the main dept stores and catalogue companies use a grade of foam 24/130 (24 being the density and 130 being the ILD Newton score) This is a 2cm layer of foam covering the springs or pocket springs. This 2cm layer takes the initial weight of your baby. We have upgraded now to 30/150 Our mattress are much less likely to dip or sink and offer much better support.

We also make a pocket sprung cot mattress using 50/230 foam. We have been making this mattress for over 15 years, we guarantee our "Excellence Range" for Five years. There is no other baby mattress in the UK that compares with The Excellence.

A pocket sprung mattress will give you on average an extra 20% longevity, however pocket springs are more comfortable as your baby gets heavier the springs with adjust to the heavier parts of the body (head and bottom) A Solid block of foam with no springs will be hotter and depending on the quality of foam used in time will be subject to dipping.

Waterproof protection

It is vital to prevent body fluids getting to the core of the mattress and this can be achieved by either:-

1)Putting the waterproof protection around the base unit and over the foam and under the cover


2) Putting the waterproof protection over the cover, however the disadvantage of doing this is that the waterproof cover will inhibit the breathability and airflow of the existing machine washable mattress cover especially if it is a quality cover like quilted microfibre or Coolmax with Maxispace. Check before you buy that your cot mattress has good waterproof protection. under the cover.

Breathable and Temperature Control

Add the information above to the fact that there are fabrics now available that will aid breathability, These cot mattress covers hold considerable pockets of air and will wick away heat. Coolmax© is a well known fabric that will offer temperature control but is really only effective if it is backed by a spacer fabric (like Maxispace or Spacetec) that will allow the heat to dissipate it is not as effective on its own, or if cheaply quilted.

Hygienic and washable

A spare cover is really a essential, Its 3 am and the body fluids go through the nappy, sheet and hit the mattress cover and the cover is damp! To be able to slip the cover off and put on a clean one is ideal. Some modern cot and cot bed mattresses like the Nightynite® Easychange® have zip off toppers and waterproof base covers, just zip off the soiled topper and zip on a new one.

Most covers these days are washable at 60°c the temperature required to kill dust mites. some fabrics like 100% bamboo bacteria can't live in it anyway so washing at 40°c is perfect. Bamboo sheets are perfect for a cot mattresses.