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5 Year guarantee


We have developed a range of cot and cot bed mattresses with even more high quality components than our normal top quality offer and therefore we are able to offer a 5 year guarantee across this special selection of products.

Excellence Range
Here we have encapsulated pocket springs in 50CMHR foam. Foam has two measurements one is the weight per cubic metreExcellence foam is 50 Kilo Foam. It has another measurement that is how much pressure (newtons) you put on 100 mm of foam to compress it to 40% of its size.  Our Excellence foam achieved 215 so our foam is rated 50/215

All foams used in baby mattresses by the top Department stores are mainly 28 kilo foam or equivalent (some companies will try and go cheaper) and they will achieve somewhere between 100 and 130 newtons. (less the newtons achieved, the cheaper the mattress) Therefore a 90 will not be as strong or last as long as as 110.

As you can see our 50/215  is a far superior foam and it will be longer lasting will not dip or dent. however it is more expensive

Our top quality 6cm deep pocket springs joined length and width are not stretched when encapsulated in the foam giving maximum support

Dependable Natural Mattress Range

Here again we have constructed our Dependable natural range with top quality steel pocket springs or the unique individual natural coir springs.

Coir springs are unique to the cot mattress company. At the time of writing (to our knowledge) a truly natural pocket sprung cot mattress (no metal) is a world exclusive, only available at the cot mattress company. it is a fantastic mattress, offering great support along with all the benefits of a totally natural pocket sprung mattress, NO METAL AND NO FOAM.