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 This week's Most Asked Questions,  Memory foam is it ideal for Baby Mattresses?

Some companies use memory foam for babies mattress. Here at The Cot mattress Company we do not like Memory Foam and would never use it for a baby mattress!

In our opinion the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages

It will mould to a babies shape making it more difficult to turn over and a possibility the face would be moulded in the mattress.

It is hotter than CMHR foam.

There are different  chemicals in memory foam, these are complicated and without getting into details we consider them unproven and pose a question on their toxicity.

Memory foam may cause pooling, when a baby breaths out carbon dioxide,  This gas is heavier than air can sit in the dip the baby's head has made in the memory foam, babies are shallow breathers and it means it could breath in a larger combination of C02, certainly if the room is not well ventilated

Companies using memory foam say the advantage of memory foam is it is softer and more comfortable.

Interesting that the advice from 1989 from the health experts has been "sleep your baby on a firm surface on their back and keep airways open. and in a well ventilated room

Consider a firm foam base that wont dip or dent and a breathable spacer cover to give a little extra comfort and maximum air.

We would suggest using  a waterproof protector under the cover protects the core does not impede the breathability

Memory foam may well suit some very senior citizens and some doggies but for The Cot Mattress Company  memory foam is not for babies

PS. You can get Memory foam that is very dense, very firm and will not dip under a babies weight.  Then you remove the risk and the only advantage which is the softness, but still have the problem of the extra heat and unknown toxicity.